The Hat Sponge Review - Three Guys Golf

How many of your favorite hats have you had to throw away due to nasty sweat stains? I know for me, living in the south, hats have a short life span in the dead of summer.

Leave it to an Englishman to come up with a clever invention called the Hat Sponge which sits inside the brim of your hat.

Not only will it wick away and absorb most of the sweat but it will also eliminate any scratchy feeling for those of us who are a little thin on our forehead.

Plus, it won’t change the shape of your hat at all. No one, even you, will realize you are wearing it (kind of like the man bra). My tip: save your hat, get the Hat Sponge.

The Hat Sponge runs $13.00 which will pay for itself pretty darn fast. Get them on the Hat Sponge website.


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